Videos and Sounds

This page is all about the more auditory works that I have created. As I continue making sounds, music, and videos they will appear on this page.


This is my demo reel that I created during my final semester in the GIMM program. It is a showcase of my progress from start to finish, showing the growth that I have had and all that I have learned, both in the classroom and outside of it on my own time. I wanted to showcase a wide variety of skills, like my pixel art or my VR game. I even showcased my music making ability with the background track that plays through the whole video.This will probably be a video that is changed and updated as I keep creating more things, with the potential of having a demo reel for each specified skill.

This was an animated music video that I had to make for GIMM 100, and then finish in GIMM 200. On another page you saw some of my original concept art for when I was coming up with the designs I wanted to use in this animation. Everything was hand drawn by myself, and the campfire at the begining was made with rotoscoping. All in all, I'm proud of how it turned out, especially when I was quite unsure on how good it would be when I was in the process of making it. The music is not my own, I have linked to the man you allowed me to use his music in the description of the video.


This is an audio walk that I made for my GIMM 270 class. More specifically it is a Sonic Augmented Reality walk, meaning that while you listen to the audio, it gives you directions to follow while you walk. Due to that, the full experience can only be obtained at Boise State University. You would stand facing the plaque outside the Albertsons Library, and then listen to the voice as it tells you were to go while giving you a story. You can listen to it here though and still get the story element. Enjoy!