2D Art

On this page you can see the artwork I have done in a few of my GIMM courses, along with some art that I have made outside of the classroom. This will contain a mix of 2D and 3D art so you can see my skills in each. You can click on each image to read what they are from or are about.

Concept art from music video Concept art from music video A post apocolyptic background painitng of downtown Boise Pixel art of an alchemists' basement. A logo for a fictional company. Painting of the ocean, and what lies beneath. Pixel art of Mario level. Painting of an alien world.

3D Art

3D model of the Infinity Stones. 3D model of a philosopher's stone. 3D model of a transmutation circle. Voxel model of a Sunblade Voxel model of a torch Voxel scene of a lab