Braden Fullmer senior photo

My name is Braden Fullmer, welcome to my website!

This site is an evolving portfolio where I will be showing many of the artifacts that I have created during my time in the Gaming Interactive Media and Mobile Technology (GIMM) major at Boise State University. You can see any videos I’ve made, look at screenshots of games that I’ve created, see the art I have made, and even play a few games of mine too! I really hope you enjoy what you see here, and if you want to see more stuff that I’ve done, you can check out the link below. The link will take you to my store page where you can get some of my other games that are for sale. Or find demos of games to give them a try. Also be sure to check out my LinkedIn and Github, both of which are linked below.

My Store Page

Braden Heath Fullmer